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What happens to cold cars in winter?


The engine of the refrigerator won't start The malfunction of the starting system of the refrigerator car is probably caused by the rust of the battery or the leakage of the battery. Because the engine of the refrigerator car is started by the current of the battery to push the spark plug ignition. Every month or two to check the refrigerated car battery battery liquid is sufficient. If not, add distilled water to an appropriate height. Every year to check the refrigerator car battery positive and negative terminal contact with rust or dirty phenomenon. If so, clean it up in time to keep the circuit clear. After battery repair, it can delay the scrap time of refrigerated vehicle battery, reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by discarded battery. A pool of strange liquid dripped from under the refrigerated car. In general, drip leakage is caused by cracks in the rubber pipe connecting the coolant tank of the refrigerating vehicle to the engine. Deterioration of the antirust quality of the coolant, not only easy to cause damage to the radiator, pipeline, hose and other parts of the refrigerating vehicle, but also because the main component of the coolant is ethylene glycol, drip leakage to the ground will cause environmental and air pollution. However, it is difficult for us to judge whether the coolant deteriorates by visual measurement. Therefore, we should replace the coolant regularly and do not repair it until there is a fault. It is generally recommended that refrigerating vehicles should be replaced with a new coolant every 40,000 km or two years, and cooling fan belts should be replaced every two years.

Brake pad replacement and maintenance attention


Under normal driving conditions of the car, every 5000 km should be checked on the brake shoe, not only to check the remaining thickness of brake disc, but also to check the state of brake disc wear, wear degree on both sides is the same, back If you find any abnormal condition, you must deal with it immediately. Brake shoe is generally composed of two parts, the iron lining plate and friction material, must not wait for friction material parts are worn out before replacing the shoe. Some vehicles have brake shoes Piece alarm function, once the wear limit is reached, the meter will give an alarm and prompt to replace the shoe. Shoes that reach the limit of use must be replaced, even if they can still be used for a period of time, will reduce the braking effect, affecting the safety of driving.

What is the abnormal sound of brake pad ?


What is the abnormal sound of brake pad? In the process of driving, the car will make some noises, some of which are normal, and some of which remind us that there may be some problems in the car, such as "cough" or "beep" when you step on the brake. At this time, we should first learn to analyze the reasons for this phenomenon by ourselves: (1) soundproof film and cover film (some required by the original vehicle) are not installed; (2) deformation of installed muffler and cover, or foreign matter (rust); (3) brake disc or brake drum wear to deformation or uplift, pit, etc.; (4) the brake calipers are partially stuck or the sliding block part of the booster is stained with lubricating oil; (5) oil stains or foreign matters on the friction surface of the brake disc; (6) the brake pads required by the unqualified regulations are used.

The brake oil of automobile brake pad needs repair?


Does the brake oil of the car brake pad accessory need to be repaired? If you're constantly running out of brake oil over a long period of time and you're constantly adding it, then obviously there's something wrong with your brake system and you should check it out. Brake oil absorbs moisture in air as a result of, time grew to be able to fail, want the regulation of the manufacturer, change brake oil regularly, had better change every year.