The function of the braking system is to make the driving car decelerate or even stop in accordance with the requirements of the driver. To stabilize the parking of stopped vehicles under various road conditions, including on ramps; Keep the speed of the car going downhill steady.
The braking action on the car can only be the external force acting on the car and in the direction opposite to the driving direction of the car, and the magnitude of these external forces are random and uncontrollable, so a series of special devices must be installed on the car to achieve the above functions.
The automobile brake system is refers to in order to guarantee the automobile safe driving technically, enhances the automobile average praise speed and so on, but instals the brake device specialized brake mechanism in the automobile. Generally speaking, the automobile braking system includes two sets of independent devices: the driving braking device and the parking braking device. Among them, the driving brake is operated by the driver's foot, so it is also called foot brake device. Parking brake device is operated by the driver with his hand, so it is also known as the hand brake device.
The function of the brake device is to slow down the running car or stop it in the shortest distance. And the function of the parking brake device is to have stopped on all kinds of roads to keep the car still. However, sometimes in an emergency, both braking devices can be used at the same time to increase the braking effect of the car. Some special purpose cars and cars often driving in mountainous areas, long-term and frequent braking will lead to overheating of the driving brake device, so in these cars are often added a variety of different types of auxiliary braking device, in order to stabilize the speed of the downhill.
According to the braking energy situation, braking system can be divided into human braking system, dynamic braking system, servo braking system and other three kinds. The human braking system takes the driver's physical strength as the braking energy. The braking system USES the air pressure or hydraulic pressure transformed by the engine power as braking energy. The servo brake system USES both human and engine power as braking energy. In addition, according to the transfer of braking energy, braking system can be divided into mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic type and so on.
In various automobile braking systems, a brake is a part of an automobile braking system that is used to produce a force to prevent the movement or tendency of a vehicle. At present, the brake used by all kinds of cars is friction brake, that is, the brake torque to prevent the movement of the car comes from the friction between the fixed components and the rotating working surface.