Nanpi county shenzhou hardware manufacturing co., LTD., based on the automobile brake disc accessory industry, around the automobile brake disc guide frame, brake disc spring, brake disc alarm, brake disc steel back, automobile brake disc silencer and other related products, do fine, do big, do strong. Based on the industry, to make the relevant industrial chain, with a meticulous dedication to the spirit of high-quality products to repay customers and the community.
Enterprise development goal: to be an excellent enterprise in the industry and to be in line with international standards  
Enterprise tenet: high quality and high level for perfection   
Enterprise spirit: loyalty, diligence, innovation and teamwork 
Value concept: customers benefit, enterprises benefit, employees benefit 
Business policy: dedicated and pragmatic breakthrough innovation 
Quality policy: quality products, efficiency, satisfaction and perfection 
Work style: dare to break through ideas and innovate ideologically, dare to do detailed links in planning and strictly control 
Corporate ethics: honest and trustworthy management in accordance with the law